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Choose from any of our Yellowstone National Park or Montana Wilderness pack trips to begin planning your adventure or customize your own trip. Each of these trips includes a camp cook, wrangler/packer and guide, to ensure your trip runs smoothly.

We provide top quality sleeping bags, therma-rest sleeping pads, a pillow and sleeping bag liner, along with a rugged and historical range teepee set up and even a portable toilet seat! We are prepared for all sorts of weather, and will do our best to keep you comfortable and dry with our exceptional camp equipment.

At each of these destinations, you’ll find horseback riding suitable for the least experienced rider to the expert, excellent Montana fly fishing, epic photographic opportunities, and great day hiking. Just let us know where your interests lie so we can tailor the trip for you and your party.

Our excellent dining accommodations will make you feel like you are at a topnotch Tented Lodge! Enjoy campfire grilled meats, dutch oven treats and even deserts chilling in the nearest creek! Eat around the campfire if you like, or at the kitchen table we pack in. We are also happy to pack in any beverages you would like to bring along and our camp cook will do their best to accommodate any dietary requests or restrictions.

Listed below are some our pack trip destinations within Yellowstone National Park and the famous Lee Metcalf Wilderness which sits on the edge of Yellowstone N.P. and part of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem.

The Lee Metcalf Wilderness has a different topography than the park with high mountain peaks, alpine lakes, and Alpine Meadows filled with Wildflowers.

Give us a call, and we can help you decide which destination best suits your dream Yellowstone Backcountry Trip. Trip availability and options can change. Please contact us for the most updated 2018 information – 406.646.7230 or 406.539.4556


Gallatin High Country – within Yellowstone National Park
Ride into the headwaters of the Gallatin River. This trip is a short ride in through majestic scenery, and offers some excellent Trout fishing and wildlife sighting opportunities.

Contact us for Summer 2018 availability.
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Slough Creek – within Yellowstone National Park
Enjoy some of the Park’s most sought after dry fly-fishing and world famous cutthroat Trout fishery. Our expert guides have fished this many times and can help you catch that 18+ inch trout!

2018 Slough Creek reservations are now available with limited space…we our now offering 4 day Fly Fishing Trips @ $1,700 per person
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Thorofare – within Yellowstone National Park
Join us in the most remote part of the lower 48! This area is seen by only a few people each year and provides unmatched scenery and wildlife.

Contact us for Summer 2018 availability.
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Lamar Valley – within Yellowstone National Park
Experience some of the Park’s most impressive fishing on this trip following the Lamar River. Our progressive camps allow opportunities to fish multiple tributaries along the way.

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Bechler River – within Yellowstone National Park
One of the most breathtaking trips offered, come see natural waterfalls, dramatic landscapes and exciting wildlife. A trip not to be missed!

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Snake River – within Yellowstone National Park
Come soak in natural hot springs after a day of world famous fishing. Our route brings us to parts of the Snake offering excellent Westslope Cutthroat fishing.

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Lee Metcalf Wilderness – bordering Yellowstone National park
The Best Kept Secret to Yellowstone!
Come join us in the Rocky Mountains of Montana as we camp at tree line at a clear blue mountain lake surrounded by rocky cathedrals and lush Alpine Meadows. This is one of our best Trips for Photography or Alpine Lake Trout Fishing. See cascade streams and Wildflowers like you’ve never seen before… Diverse in wildlife species…We often see Elk, Moose, Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goat…with rare sightings of Grizzly or Black Bear…Even Wolverine if your Lucky!

Our Lee Metcalf Wilderness trips feature fixed or moving camps. Looking for a multi-day hiking trip? Do you want a chance to overlook Yellowstone National Park? Do you want high alpine lakes? This is the trip for you.

Exclusive Access to the Lee Metcalf Wilderness. Not everyone has the opportunity to experience the best kept secret to Yellowstone.
Contact us for availability – 406.646.7230 or 406.539.4556

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Guided Saddle Horse & Pack Mule Trips

2 to 10 Day Hiking Backcountry Pack Trip in Gallatin National Forest or Lee Metcalf Wilderness

*$195 to $695
Per Person Per Day
2 to 10 Day Standard or Private Party Pack Trips in
Yellowstone National Park or
Lee Metcalf Wilderness
*$295 to $695
per person per day
Drop Camps in Yellowstone National Park or
Lee Metcalf Wilderness
*Rate starts at $300 per Day which includes guide on horseback.  Each additional pack mule or saddle horse are $195 each.
Please Call for Pricing…

*Prices as listed will vary based on number of Guests and requested Private Party Trips fewer than 8 Guests. Please call to secure reservations and prices.

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